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As a registered charity we have a board of volunteer Directors that meet on a monthly basis and administers the charity in line with the requirements of good governance. The Directors also manage the day to day responsibilities of operating activities of the charity. The charity (Phoenix Community Centre) is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in the United Kingdom. The directors of the charitable company are also its trustees for the purpose of charity law.

A separate trading company (Phoenix Community Enterprise) has been set-up to operate alongside the charity and undertakes the trading (non-charitable) activities. The company is limited by guarantee with the charity being the sole beneficiary entitled to participate in its profits. All retained profits within the trading company are donated to the charity under the 'Gift Aid' provisions.


Normal Opening Times

Monday 6pm to 9pm
Tuesday 5pm to 9pm
Wednesday 4pm to 10pm
Thursday 4pm to 9pm
Friday* 5pm to 10pm
Saturday* 9am to 6pm

* Fridays/Saturdays - Open up to 1am for functions/events

** Open for Rugby junior matches